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The Responsible Enterpreneur


Bring out the essence of your customers as you inspire their growth and creativity. (And by doing that, inspire your own!)

Think of everyone you work with as a co-creator and make their lives extraordinary.

Customers, co-creators, Earth, Place, investors: All of these need someone to give them voice, to see their dynamic potential, and to ensure its realization.

You are that someone. Now is the time.

Here at the Responsible Entrepreneur Institute you can learn: You can’t do it alone. You can do it here. With us. Together.

"I strongly recommend this work for running a balanced and responsible organization. The framework provides a great roadmap and is the basis of our overall strategy and way of planning."-Michiel Bakker, Global Innovation Lab, Google, Inc.

At the Institute, we inspire and educate “Game Changing Entrepreneurs” who want to lead and influence consequential change and build Game-Changing Businesses. Game Changing Entrepreneurs dedicate their life and work to beneficial outcomes for ALL stakeholders affected by business.

Listen to Carol Sanford, Founder and Faculty of Responsible Trep (our shorthand), define Game Changing.
What You can be if you choose to!

  Carol has 40 years of experience working with extraordinary entrepreneurs in making change happen every day. We offer proven and practical frameworks that are for anyone who aspires to:

Go beyond a “role model” business, a social mission, a change advocacy arm or sincere philanthropic generosity (These are necessary, but not even close to sufficient for making profound change.  Now you can have the road map to Changing the World—Really!

“This work contributed significantly to growth of  an initial 45% and then  over 60% during the next four years at Seventh Generation. It is foundational. It also made me a better leader.

 Jeffrey Hollender, Founder of Seventh Generation, Serial Entrepreneur